About Kanazawa University 
As the leading university on the Sea of Japan coast, Kanazawa University has contributed greatly to Japanese higher education and academic research since it was founded in 1949.

One of the University’s charms lies in being able to study in Kanazawa, a city rich in history and traditional culture. Kanazawa has cultivated a respected intellectual profile since the time of the Kaga fiefdom (1598 – 1867). Lively interaction among students, communication with staff, and the local community make it the perfect venue for students’ personal growth and development.

It is widely held that the 21st century will be the age of the “knowledge-based society,” and that new knowledge, information and technology will rapidly become the basis for activities in each and every area of society. At Kanazawa University, strategies and objectives incorporating the university’s strengths and specializations in this area are clearly defined and put into practice.

Kanazawa University is attended by a large number of motivated students, who receive an education that gives them specialized knowledge and the ability to carry out research, as well as a cosmopolitan outlook and an ethical perspective.
Kanazawa University by drone