On November 15 – December 3, ISU students took part in the “Japan-Eurasian Training Course towards SDGs”, which was held by the Organization of Global Affairs, Kanazawa University and cohosted by Kazakhstan National MAB Committee, and funded by the SAKURA Science Program of JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency).

29 students from Eurasian universities and 6 students from Japan participated in the course and learned about biodiversity, nature conservation and sustainable development from the UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserves under the coordination of Associate Professor Mammadova Aida.

It was a three-week training course. In the first week of the course, students took real-time lectures provided from nine countries: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyz, Tajikistan, Estonia, Latvia, Norway, Russia, and Japan. During the second and third week, they took on-demand lectures and learned about the harmony and symbiosis between nature and regional development from four cases of Japanese UNESCO Biosphere Reserves (Mount Hakusan BR, Minakami BR, Aya BR and Mount Odaigahara, Mount Omine and Osugidani BR).

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